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Focus on moving smarter in Brazil


At the Cop21 Climate conference in Paris in December 2015 the audience voted the Smart Living Challenge initiative to support the Rio Grande de Sul to becomethe most sustainable and innovative place in Latin America by 2030 via Porto Alegre Sustainable Innovation Zone (ZISPOA).

This was done through webinar adressing  “Sharing for Sustainable Mobility in Porto Alegre”, where key influencers within the global Smart Living Challenge network Swedish and Brazilian entrepreneurs met virtually. This was followed up with a visit of experts in Sweden and participation in the Swedish Brazilian Innovation Weeks in October with extensive programme activities. There is great potential for new collaborations and initiatives and ZISPOA is an important example providing valuable lessons that can be replicated throughout Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Latin America, and globally.

Some of the activities was mentioned in a United Nations Development Programme publication in December.





7 Day Challenge in Kenya and Sweden


During the Autumn of 2016, 20 participants from Kenya and Sweden committed to Live, Move, and Eat sustainably for 7 days in their respective daily lives.

This was done through the use of technology, innovative drive and competence of the participants. The ambition was to encourage the development of urban lifestyles and improving quality of life. This is the individual contribution to reducing their carbon footprint and mitigate against climate change. The local partner, Green Team Initiative, in Kenya is now inviting Kenyans to take on the challenge both in Kenya and abroad.

Workshop and seminar in Paris on moving smarter

On October 15-16, a diverse group of people gathered at the Swedish Institute in Paris to collaborate around ideas for moving smarter.

The ideas were presented to a larger audience at a seminar with reflections by representatives from Ericsson, Forum Vies Mobiles, Ecowork, VINCI,  City of Paris and Laboratoire Ville Mobility Transports.

Creative workshop in Paris with process leaders Anders Wikström and Sasan Shaba. Photo: Ebba Palmstierna.

Creative workshop in Paris with process leaders Anders Wikström and Sasan Shaba. Photo: Ebba Palmstierna.

Brazilian team at the finishing line

After almost three months since kick off, the Brazilian team are almost finished with their project on how to MOVE smarter in Rio.

These intensive months has consisted of many creative team meetings and coaching sessions with Hyper Island‘s Johanna Olsson but also inspiration (such as participation in FGV’s Conference on Technology, Automation and Future Mobility) and have received attention from media (such as in the video above from GloboNews).

Brazil team in coaching session with Johanna Olsson on Skype from Hyper Island in Sweden.

Four of the members in the Brazil team in coaching session with Johanna Olsson on Skype from Hyper Island in Sweden.


The MOVE project will be presented to Fundo Verde at UFRJ, and will also be presented at the Embassy of Sweden in Brasilia on September 4th, during the Smart Living Challenge 2015’s Closing Ceremony at the Swedish Embassy. Authorities from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-Brazil), Federal Ministries and local agencies related to Transportation and Mobility, University Professors and NGO’s will be attending the ceremony where the SLC Brazil Team will be presenting its MOVE project. After the project’s presentation, Ambassador of Sweden to Brazil, Mr. Per-Arne Hjelmborn, will receive the project on behalf of Swedish Institute and will offer a lunch at the his residence to celebrate the end of Smart Living Challenge 2015’s activities in Brazil.

Smart Living Challenge has been launched in Brazil!


The kick-off was on the 9th of June at the Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), where six lucky finalists were chosen to form the SLC Brazil team.

The day started with welcoming speeches from the organizers, the Swedish Embassy in Brazil, the Technological Park at UFRJ and the Green Fund, followed by inspirational presentations from the SLC 2014 winners Bicicletaria Cultural, bicycle activist Aline Cavalcante participating in the documentary Bikes vs. Cars, and Eduardo Bernhardt from the NGO Transporte Ativo in Rio de Janeiro.

After the inauguration lunch the SLC team gathered with Johanna Olsson from Hyper Island for their first workshop. Here they got to know each other a bit more and began processes on co-creating the mobility project that will be implemented on the UFRJ campus. The excitement and motivation was noticeable among the participants and since all had already proposed interesting ideas on sustainable mobility for a more accessible campus, we believe that the SLC team 2015 will definitely come up with brilliant solutions!

Rio, Brazil

In Brazil, the project format for 2015 will focus on one group of engaged students, professors and young professionals who will be part of a team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the UFRJ Science Park, which will develop a project related to theme MOVE. This project team (SLC Brazil Team) will work with Hyper Island between June and August 2015 (for 03 months / 12 weeks) to deliver its project to be presented at COP21 in Paris, France, in December 2015.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo cc: Christian Haugen

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo cc: Christian Haugen

Based on the theme MOVE, the SLC team will work over the course of three months, starting on June 9th with its first workshop, to create, conceptualize, plan and implement a project related to the theme MOVE in order to promote and support a sustainable mobility project at the UFRJ Science Park (as a pilot project and it will count with UFRJ Green Fund to help implement it).

By October 2015, the project will be realized and hopefully continue to scale over time. Meanwhile, the team’s process and tools will be packaged and shared for others around the world to use.

Kick-off (June 9th, in the morning, at 10:00h): All applicants + special guests would be invited for the kickoff. During the ceremony, the winner + selected candidates will be announced and introduced to Hyper Island. Bicletaria Cultural will present its project in Curitiba and propose an open discussion on smart mobility (to be confirmed with Bicicletaria Cultural). Following, a lunch will be offered by the Embassy at Couve Flor Restaurante (right next to UFRJ Science Park auditorium). At the SLC Kickoff ceremony, on June 9th at UFRJ Science Park Auditorium, an inspiring example of what happened last year, the Embassy will invite Bicicletaria Cultural project (01 out of the 15 SLC 2014 Winners) to deliver a presentation about the project and how it developed from an idea among friends to an actual and current project in the city of Curitiba.

Closure (1st week of September – Closing ceremony – Presentation and delivery of the MOVE project by the group)

The outcome will be a new smart mobility project initiated at UFRJ Science Park as a pilot project with potential for scale (UFRJ would have it as a pilot project that can be eventually spread to city of Rio de Janeiro so the society could benefit from it).

The whole process (12-week work on developing the MOVE project) will be led by Hyper Island’s facilitator Johanna Olsson and also will have support from the Swedish Institute and SISP. After the project delivered in the beginning of September 2015 (end of the 12-week period) the results of this work and insights from the process will be put on display in Paris during the COP21 summit in December 2015, in Paris, France.

Smart Living Challenge organizers in Brazil:

Embassy of Sweden in Brazil – Brasília DF

Hosting Partner in Brazil: UFRJ Parque Tecnológico – Rio de Janeiro RJ

Fundo Verde da UFRJ