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7 Day Challenge in Kenya and Sweden


During the Autumn of 2016, 20 participants from Kenya and Sweden committed to Live, Move, and Eat sustainably for 7 days in their respective daily lives.

This was done through the use of technology, innovative drive and competence of the participants. The ambition was to encourage the development of urban lifestyles and improving quality of life. This is the individual contribution to reducing their carbon footprint and mitigate against climate change. The local partner, Green Team Initiative, in Kenya is now inviting Kenyans to take on the challenge both in Kenya and abroad.

Launch in Serbia

The kick off event was held at Nova Iskra on Friday, September 11th with a presentation by Alex Neuman from Hyper Island and introduction of the members of the Serbian SLC team.

The team members are: Dragan Zlatković (architect), Gordana Radonić (architect), Pavle Jovanović (interaction designer), Katarina Živković (architect), Alan Kadduri (consultant for the domain of sustainable development), Milica Kostadinović (civil engineer) and Marija Opačić (student of sociology).

This event was preceded by the workshop program facilitated by Alex Neuman with the idea to share tools and methods for creating a more productive environment for collaborative work. Through dynamic and interactive program, the Serbian team received valuable insights that will help them in the process of developing new ideas for smarter consumption and sustainable systems in urban areas.

Reflection on creative workshop in Sarajevo


To step into Walter BIM Solutions offices, located in the city of Sarajevo, is literally to step in from a dark stairway, smelling of the 50’s era, into a bright creative space, that almost breathes the future of BiH. I wonder if there is a more suitable place to hold a creative workshop under the theme “How on earth can we live smarter?”

I am attending the first “Smart Living Challenge conference and workshop” of its kind in Sarajevo. The Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in BiH are the organizers together with the company Walter BIM Solutions.

There is a small doubt in me that this weekend will be enough to find solutions that could contribute to the answer of this big question. Will there be enough time? My doubt is quickly swept away when speaker after speaker addresses the small audience with passionate talks about the problems, but also the potential of Bosnia and Hercegovina when it comes to tackling environmental problems. There is definitely a lot of competence in the room. I am amazed by the energy in the crowd and when a vivid discussion between two of the participants starts already within the first hour I am convinced this is going to be fun, creative and even might produce results.

The second day emerges into a creative workshop, under the leadership of Sasan Shaba, from Sweden, Eskilstuna, who manages to channel all this energy and creative thinking into five concrete ideas on “smart Living”. The ideas range from technical solutions for “smarter houses” to educative initiatives like “smarter kids for a smarter future”. All of them have the goal to improve the environment and use natural materials.  And all of them could be elaborated into start-ups!

As two of the participants put it:

We made and learned so much for such short time period. It was exciting, instructive and fun!

It is possible to create great ideas/solutions in a small range of time!


Karin Lissola is Second Secretary Political and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo

Belgrade, Serbia

Smart Living Challenge program in Serbia will be focusing on the theme LIVE, through which ideas for smarter consumption and sustainable systems in urban environments will be explored, whether through housing, public spaces or more responsible attitude towards resources.

Belgrade, Serbia. Photo cc: Jovan Marković


The program, will be realized at the design incubator Nova Iskra with the support of the Swedish consulting, scientific and educational organization Hyper Island, and their representative Alex Neuman, who will be the main mentor of the multidisciplinary team in Serbia.

Team members of different professional profiles were selected through an open call:

Dragan Zlatković (Master of Architecture and Structural engineering, IT engineer, 1984.), Gordana Radonić (Architect, 1985.), Pavle Jovanović (Interaction Designer, 1991.), Katarina Živković (Architect, 1982), Alan Kadduri (Consultant in the domain of sustainable development in urban areas, 1983.), Milica Kostadinović (Construction engineer, 1983) i Marija Opačić (Sociology student at University of Belgrade, 1987).

This team will, in the period of three months (September – December 2015), work on a joint project. They will have at their disposal the Nova Iskra workspace, as well as the Hyperisland mentorship and constant support of Nova Iskra who will organize meetings with experts, consultants and stakeholders relevant to the project that the team jointly conceived and selected for implementation.

The result from the program will be presented during the COP21 conference in Paris in December this year, at the UN’s forum for sustainable innovation and climate change.