Creative workshop and conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The creative workshop and conference aims to generate innovative solutions and projects in response to global challenges such as: climate change, overuse of natural resources, environmental degradation and over-populated cities. 

Minolta DSC

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The main subject of the creative workshop is presentations of the natural and human resources, as well as potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the benefits of self-sustaining solutions and opportunities which can be implemented in the Bosnian-Herzegovina in local communities. The objective is to promote sustainable lifestyles in cities, engage and inspire citizens to be agents of change and the main goal is to discuss and develop smart solutions for sustainable lifestyle in cities. The creative workshop is a starting point to include Bosnia and Herzegovina in current global sustainable development and environmental projects.

When: Saturday, 30 May – Sunday, 31 May 2015, 10.00 -16.00 hours
Where: Offices of the Company Walter IT Solutions, Muhameda Kantardžića No.3, Sarajevo, BiH
Participants: Participants of the first Smart Living Challenge creative workshop in BiH are local and foreign experts, professionals and creative minds in Bosnia and Hercegovina who are known for their activities, projects and study expertise, as well as representatives of various local government levels.

Day 01 – Conference lecturers

  • Mr. Sanjin Avdic: “Energy efficiency and local potentials for smart housing”
  • Mrs. Dzenana Maglajlic Bijedic: “Design methods and processes in smart housing”
  • Mrs. Sanela Klaric: “Local traditional materials for smart housing”
  • Mrs. Senka Barudanovic: “Biodiversity and environment potentials for smart housing”
  • Mr. Garret Tankosic – Kelly: “Ongoing energy models and local potentials for smart housing”

Day 02 – Creative Workshop

Participants of the creative workshop are professionals who have expertise in architecture, design, urbanism, construction, mechanical, IT and other engineering subjects and other individuals who will search for the best innovative solutions.

The workshop and conference was held in the end of May. Read reflections from participating Karin Lissola, Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo.