Focus on moving smarter in Brazil


At the Cop21 Climate conference in Paris in December 2015 the audience voted the Smart Living Challenge initiative to support the Rio Grande de Sul to becomethe most sustainable and innovative place in Latin America by 2030 via Porto Alegre Sustainable Innovation Zone (ZISPOA).

This was done through webinar adressing  “Sharing for Sustainable Mobility in Porto Alegre”, where key influencers within the global Smart Living Challenge network Swedish and Brazilian entrepreneurs met virtually. This was followed up with a visit of experts in Sweden and participation in the Swedish Brazilian Innovation Weeks in October with extensive programme activities. There is great potential for new collaborations and initiatives and ZISPOA is an important example providing valuable lessons that can be replicated throughout Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Latin America, and globally.

Some of the activities was mentioned in a United Nations Development Programme publication in December.





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