Storyboarding in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


The developing of bold ideas and solutions for four locations in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine was the main task of the Smart Living Challenge creative workshop. 25 people from different cities came together in a two-day creative session, process lead by Marten Janson and Mats Jarnhammar from Living Cities.

According to the SLC methodology, the participants came up with the story of the area firstly. This was made in order to understand the biggest challenge or problem to deal with.

This phase of work is called “storyboarding”. A research of an area, a poll, an observation in order to understand ‘the challenge’ are made during it. While observing, participants do not come up with any solution yet – they study the issue.

Then you generate ideas. There are no restrictions at all, and you don’t have to discard any ideas, because ideas selection is the next step. And only after selecting the best ideas the solution should be made.

For example, participants who worked with the square of the city administration (Hrushevskoho St.), decided to create a City Lab, which would be an example of a dialogue and cooperation between government and city residents.

All teams came up with technological, environmental and cultural solutions. As far as we know, at least two teams continue working on their projects and look for the opportunities to implement the ideas.

Juliya Liakhovych is head of marketing department at Teple Misto Platform

Juliya Liakhovych is head of marketing department at Teple Misto Platform

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