Creative workshop in Luanda

In the beginning of October, Smart Living Challenges workshop in Luanda gathered teams that worked together to come up with ideas that would turn the Angolan informal market into a green market. The workshop started off with an inspirational presentation from Allan Cain from the organization Development Workshop, after which process leader Kaj Török from Futerra took over and guided the participants.

The workshop was preceded by a seminar on the topic of urban development and innovation, as well as a welcome dinner for the participants as a way for them to get to know each other and get into the right mindset before the creative workshop.  

The participants – young entrepreneurs, organization founders, environment consultants, programmers and students (mainly of architecture and IT) – were divided into four groups that all created an idea that focused particularly on ways to make the Angolan markets both profitable and better to the environment. Many of them expressed excitement over getting the chance to work with different type of people than they normally would.

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