Belgrade, Serbia

Smart Living Challenge program in Serbia will be focusing on the theme LIVE, through which ideas for smarter consumption and sustainable systems in urban environments will be explored, whether through housing, public spaces or more responsible attitude towards resources.

Belgrade, Serbia. Photo cc: Jovan Marković


The program, will be realized at the design incubator Nova Iskra with the support of the Swedish consulting, scientific and educational organization Hyper Island, and their representative Alex Neuman, who will be the main mentor of the multidisciplinary team in Serbia.

Team members of different professional profiles were selected through an open call:

Dragan Zlatković (Master of Architecture and Structural engineering, IT engineer, 1984.), Gordana Radonić (Architect, 1985.), Pavle Jovanović (Interaction Designer, 1991.), Katarina Živković (Architect, 1982), Alan Kadduri (Consultant in the domain of sustainable development in urban areas, 1983.), Milica Kostadinović (Construction engineer, 1983) i Marija Opačić (Sociology student at University of Belgrade, 1987).

This team will, in the period of three months (September – December 2015), work on a joint project. They will have at their disposal the Nova Iskra workspace, as well as the Hyperisland mentorship and constant support of Nova Iskra who will organize meetings with experts, consultants and stakeholders relevant to the project that the team jointly conceived and selected for implementation.

The result from the program will be presented during the COP21 conference in Paris in December this year, at the UN’s forum for sustainable innovation and climate change.



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